Monday, July 13, 2009

the many interpretations of my eyes

people see things differently. my eyes are no exception. i have received much attention in my life because of one, well two, overly pronounced facial features. for better and for worse.

 the honesty of childhood...and some bold adults. here are some conversation starters and then my thoughts and internal reactions below as i remember them.


 “can you like, see, really really far?”

-no, they do not give me super powers.


 “do you have two black eyes?”

-yes, i am third grader, who got into a fight, with someone who knew how to deliver two equally forceful punches to my face to cause a little discoloration under both eyes. no.


“are your eyes going to pop out of your head?”

-well i can't argue with that. that lady on oprah really hurt me.


 “i could take a bite our of your eye.”

-that is entirely possible.


“let's check your peripheral vision to see if you can see more than other people.”

-your on. (that turned out to be false. in fact, i think i see less than average eyed people. one point you).


“hey there bright eyes.”

-finally, an ally. at luby's of all places. one point me.


“you look tired.”

-i hate you.



Cassie said...

Ha, ha. I love your eyes.

Kenli Shea said...

tell everyone to shut you. Miss you and your beautiful eyes.

Kara Sheets said...

your eyes is what i remember about the first time we met! haha.
it was dark in the truck and i was trying to see yours and erika's faces to see if i recognized yall. anyways, your eyes were the only thing i could see in the darkness, and i thought they were so pretty!